Women’s Ministry

Theresa Mikheil Guirguis

Theresa Mikheil Guirguis
Women’s Ministry Leader

Hello! My name is Theresa, and I am Pastor Milad’s wife. I am from Egypt and also grew in a Christian family who taught me the Word of God when I was young child. In May of 1992, there was a turning point in my life when I faced a very hard time after having been kidnapped by a taxi driver which ultimately resulted in a serious car accident, but the Lord saved me from the driver’s hand by allowing the car accident to happen. At that time, the Lord called me to help young girls facing different kind of abuses, harm, and rape from others. The Lord spoke to me this scripture verse from Hebrews 2:18 to reach out and help those who suffer, as I experienced suffering.  I started the ministry in Egypt in 1993 after I married my husband, Milad Guirguis. I was travelling from place to place, village to village and teaching, to Jordan, Syria, Tunisia, Cypress, and Turkey, supporting all kinds of young girls who were suffering and having hard times in their lives. The Lord knows what he is doing in our lives, and He is the only one who can turn all of the bad things in our lives to the our good. ~ Romans 8:28

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The Lord called us as a family to help the Arab refugees in Knoxville, TN. I meet with the Arab women to teach them the Word of God and help them to find their hope in our Savior and the God of Hope. As women, we love to meet together, fellowship, and learn more about what the scriptures teach us about Jesus Christ.



Women's Bible Study Group

Women’s Bible Study Group

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Arabic Women
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